*** Project Update – Please Read ***

After 12 years of effort to bring a public dog park to Stratford CT, by all the various people and parties involved past and present, we have reached the final stage as of January, 2019. 

The location has been set at the former Ranger Station site within Roosevelt Forest, design plans are complete and the name ‘Jared’s Dog Park’ has been approved. 

To move forward with the parks physical construction the Town of Stratford has proposed that our organization sign a Non-exclusive License Agreement for use of Town property, which requires compliance with its terms for the length of the agreement and any subsequent renewals. 

In order to sign this document and become the legal entity responsible for the dog park, the Stratford Dog Park Action Committee must transition from a simple association of residents into an actual business, an LLC or an Inc. The new entity must then apply for its 501(c)3 non-profit status. This new entity must also purchase a General Liability Insurance Policy on an annual basis to comply with the terms of the License Agreement. 

All of the initial and ongoing costs associated with this endeavor must be paid for through fundraising efforts. This will be in addition to the fundraising that also must be done for annual maintenance and operational costs of the park (fence repairs, waste bags etc.).

If we cannot do this, there will be no dog park in Stratford.

We urgently need more people to step forward and join with us! Committed individuals will be essential for this new organization to succeed.

If you are willing to volunteer for this new organization, please contact us at jaredsdogpark@gmail.com today!

If you have professional skills that you are willing to perform as a donation, please contact us.

If you are able to offer financial support for the dog park, please contact us.

We need to hear from you now!

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