Parks & Recreation Committee Makes Recommendations

At the February 2, 2017 Parks & Recreation Committee meeting the Site Vetting ‘Final Report’ published by the Town of Stratford Dog Park Subcommittee was reviewed and discussed.

The P&R Committee motioned to send the entire report forward to the Town Council for their review.

Additionally, the P&R Committee made ‘Favorable Recommendations’ for 2 of the sites that the Dog Park Subcommittees Final Report listed as potentially viable locations, Longbrook Park & Roosevelt Forest.

Whatever your opinion on these sites we encourage ALL residents to both e-mail their Town Council representative (contact info here:ā€¦/39832/43487/43499.aspx) AND attend the Town Council Public Forum on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 14th to speak directly to the 10 Town Councilors who will be voting on the location of the dog park!

Public Forum begins at 6:45pm so please arrive early and sign up to speak.

We understand this meeting and vote will be taking place on Valentine’s Day and that it’s a lot to ask of residents to spend their holiday this way, but, if having a dog park in Stratford is important to you, and/or if where specifically it goes is important to you, this is, in all honestly as we see it, the last opportunity to be heard!

Many thanks to everyone for their continued support and we look forward to seeing you on 2/14 at Town Hall!


Full Parks & Recreation Committee meeting minutes are available here:

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