Our Position

The Stratford Dog Park Action Committee does not support the location recommended for the Stratford Dog Park by the Parks & Recreation Committee on June 22, 2016. Prior to their vote we made it known that our organization cannot support a decision to establish the dog park at the site adjacent to the WPCA and the Stratford Animal Control Facility. This is not a decision we came to lightly and is both in response to the concerns raised about this sites proximity to the Animal Control Facility by STARS and concerns we have independent of those that we do not believe were considered in this sites selection. While you may be excited that a park site has been selected and may initially disagree with our decision, we encourage you to visit the site, walk the whole area where the park is proposed to go and then form your own opinion as to whether or not it is a safe and enjoyable space for residents to enjoy with their dogs. We sincerely hope the 8 members of the current Town Council will take the few minutes this will require prior to casting their final vote. All residents, not just dog owners, should let their Town Council representative know their thoughts either via email, USPS mail or during the Public Forum at Town Hall on July 11, 2016. Their contact information is available here: http://www.townofstratford.com/content/39832/43487/43499.aspx We remain supportive of a dog park being established in Stratford and, though it’s clear no spot will ever be agreed upon by everyone, we hope that with due diligence the right spot will be found and the Stratford Dog Park can be an enjoyable amenity the entire town can be proud to have added to it’s Park system.   *In the spirit of open and honest communication we’ve detailed our experience in this process, and made it available on our website (http://dogparkstratford.com/bod-progress-report/) to help everyone understand what has occurred along the way. We hope you’ll take the time to read this information and we welcome any questions it may bring.