Planning Commission Gives Favorable Recommendation

Pursuant to CT State Statutes the Town of Stratford Planning Commission completed and 8-24 review of the dog park being located in Roosevelt Forest at the site of the former Ranger Station building.

The Planning Commission UNANIMOUSLY voted to send the Town Council a ‘Favorable Recommendation’!

The recommendation included a handful of stipulations that centered around design and usage, all of which are either items the town Dog Park subcommittee had previously discussed or are items that are easily implementable as the design and development of the park occurs.

We want to thank all of the members of the Planning Commission as well as the Town Planning Administrator and his team for their time and thoughtful feedback on the project/site.


The CT State Statute regarding 8-24 Reviews can be found here:

Full Planning Commission meeting minutes are available here:

Town Council approves ‘Jared’s Dog Park’ to be built at site in Roosevelt Forest!!

The Town Council UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED the resolution to establish the Stratford Dog Park, to be named ‘Jared’s Dog Park’ at the former Ranger Station site in Roosevelt Forest!!

We wish to sincerely thank EVERYONE who has supported this project along the way!

This project has come a long long way to reach this point and the work is far from over but now that the Stratford Dog Park, Jared’s Dog Park, has a place to call home it will all have been worth it each time we see happy pups and their families enjoying their time at the park!


Pursuant to CT State Statutes the project will undergo an 8-24 Review by the Stratford Planning Commission in April – please check back for updates!


Full Town Council meeting minutes are available here:

Video of the Town Council meeting is available here:

Roosevelt Forest Commission Gives Dog Park OK at Former Ranger Station Site

The Roosevelt Forest Commission has voted in favor of locating the dog park at the site behind the former Ranger Station building!!

As part of their recommendation they favorably recommended the demolition of the building and use of that area as a parking lot for the dog park.

The RFC also sent the Town Council a favorable recommendation for naming the dog park “Jared’s Dog Park” in memory of Jared Levine, a Stratford resident, Boy Scout, EMS volunteer, animal advocate, and dog owner for his contributions to Stratford’s community.


Video of the Roosevelt Forest Commission meeting is available here:

Parks & Recreation Committee Makes Recommendations

At the February 2, 2017 Parks & Recreation Committee meeting the Site Vetting ‘Final Report’ published by the Town of Stratford Dog Park Subcommittee was reviewed and discussed.

The P&R Committee motioned to send the entire report forward to the Town Council for their review.

Additionally, the P&R Committee made ‘Favorable Recommendations’ for 2 of the sites that the Dog Park Subcommittees Final Report listed as potentially viable locations, Longbrook Park & Roosevelt Forest.

Whatever your opinion on these sites we encourage ALL residents to both e-mail their Town Council representative (contact info here:…/39832/43487/43499.aspx) AND attend the Town Council Public Forum on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 14th to speak directly to the 10 Town Councilors who will be voting on the location of the dog park!

Public Forum begins at 6:45pm so please arrive early and sign up to speak.

We understand this meeting and vote will be taking place on Valentine’s Day and that it’s a lot to ask of residents to spend their holiday this way, but, if having a dog park in Stratford is important to you, and/or if where specifically it goes is important to you, this is, in all honestly as we see it, the last opportunity to be heard!

Many thanks to everyone for their continued support and we look forward to seeing you on 2/14 at Town Hall!


Full Parks & Recreation Committee meeting minutes are available here: