Dog Park Subcommittee Publishes Final Site Vetting Report

The Final Site Vetting Report of the  Town of Stratford Dog Park Subcommittee has been published!

Click HERE to read the report!

The Stratford Dog Park Action Committee is PROUD to have been a part of this process and sincerely thanks the members of the Dog Park Subcommittee, the members of the Parks & Recreation Committee (past and present!), all the members of the various committees and commissions who have shared their input (past and present!), all the Town of Stratford employees who contributed valuable information from their various departments, members of the Town Council (past and present!), Mayor John Harkins, and most importantly YOU, the great people of this community, who have followed and supported this project for so long!

We hope that everyone who is interested in the outcome of the dog park project takes the time to review the Subcommittees Final Report as it contains A LOT of information on not only the sites deemed potentially viable but also on ALL of the others that were reviewed, the process that was followed and a history of all the work done on the project over the last 10 years by so many of your neighbors.

As always if there are any questions, comments or concerns we welcome them! Message us on Facebook @StratfordCTdogpark, email or tweet us @dogpark06614!

–> The next step in the process is a review of this report by the Town of Stratford Parks & Recreation Committee which is expected to occur Thursday February 2nd 2017 at 7pm in room 213 of the Town of Stratford Town Hall. – all are invited and welcome to attend!


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