Dog Park Rules




*These are the suggested ‘Official Rules’ for Jared’s Dog Park.
Rules are based on the Town of Stratford Dog Park and Exercise Area Ordinance, input from various Town governing bodies and posted rules from other existing area dog parks.


Rules Reviewed by:

Town Council – June.9.2014 Meeting Minutes (Items Tabled due to Location Selection Issue), Sept.8.2014 Meeting Minutes (Items Striken from Agenda w/o Prejudice)
Parks & Recreation Committee – May.28.2014 Meeting Minutes
Planning Commission – May.20.2014 Meeting Minutes
Town Attorney – May 2014
Town Council – April.9.2007 Meeting Minutes
Ordinance Committee – March.26.2007 Meeting Minutes (Not Yet Available Online)


For More Information Please Read:
State of CT General Statutes – Damage by dogs to person or property